SSUMC Response

Summit Station’s proactive approach to the Corona Virus:

Be not Afraid, for I am with you! – Jesus

  • Canceling large gatherings
  • Deep cleaning
  • We clean daily with CDC recommended bleach solution (we already had that practice before this pandemic)
  • We are gathering rescue bags of food and supplies for families and individuals who may be isolated in the coming weeks.  We will advertise this through the school and through next door and facebook. 

What can you do:

  • When you wash your hands say the Lords prayer twice.
  • You can talk and fellowship without shaking hands or hugging.  We know this is our practice, but for this season, we need to “deny ourselves” for others. 
  • You can bring in food for our Rescue bags for those who can’t get out to get needed supplies.
  • Pray for those who have been affected and infected. 

What we are not going to do:

  • We are not going to stop being Summit Station UMC. 
  • We are not going to be held hostage by a virus, Jesus is still King and sitting on the Throne. 

We are still going to worship, fellowship, grow and give, just in a different way.